About Off The G

So you’ve somehow found your way to this little blog, either by happenstance, a web search for “unpopular blogs about unpopular subway lines in New York City,” or, most likely, because you know the author. Let me give you a quick back story about this blog’s conception and goals. And I use the term “goals” VERY loosely. I have lived off the G line at various stops in Brooklyn for several years now. Most days I curse it’s four cars, limited service, frequent construction, and the fact that you often have to run to catch it or wait at least 10 minutes for the next one. After many years in the same neighborhood living right above the G line and having many jobs all over the city, I’ve recently found myself defending, and dare I say it, appreciating the little subway line that sometimes can: the G. With this blog, I will highlight a business, an event, a park, an animal I once saw, what have you, at various stops along the G. The goal is to eventually have at least one entry for every subway stop on the titular line. Titular is a really great word, by the way.

The G goes through a lot of diverse neighborhoods and I will do my best to respect and honor what these places have to offer, but I’d like to state for the record: this is just a fun blog about shit to do on a shitty subway line…a subway line that I love…when I’m in a good mood. Will some entries get off topic? Sure. I’m no perfectionist and I rarely see things through so you’re bound to see an entry or two that only peripherally have to do with the G. But just roll with it and get off my back. But also keep reading and don’t ever stop. So thanks for stopping by and reading about the upsides of the G.

And most importantly, don’t forget to support the businesses you find in this blog! I wouldn’t write about them if they weren’t worth checking out and my word is worth…whatever someone’s word is worth who has no worth. But still.

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